How Much Does Roof Installation Cost in the UK (2024)?

How Much Does Roof Installation Cost in the UK (2024)?

Installing a new roof can be an expensive business. But, if your existing roof is damaged beyond repair or you need a roof for a new build or an extension, it’s a necessary investment and you have to get it right. Your property is too important to risk a sub-standard job.

What is the Cost of Roof Installation in the UK?

As with most things, the cost of roof installation can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the type and size of roof, the location of your property (remote and difficult to access sites tend to be more expensive), the materials used and the extent of the work that needs to be done.

Understanding Costs and Making Savings

The average cost of roof installation in the UK is between £5,000 and £8,000. However, this overall figure is made up of several elements and these can influence the cost. It’s important, however, that you don’t cut corners to save money because that can cost you more in the long-term.

For an existing roof repair, one way to save money is to add a new layer rather than removing and replacing the current material. This is faster and cheaper than a complete installation and is suitable for minor issues such as small leaks. But it’s something that can only be done once and it won’t reveal any underlying problems since you won’t uncover the roof deck and supporting trusses.

Although a new roof installation is more expensive and takes longer than repairing or re-covering, it is by far the most effective long-term solution. Since the existing roof covering is removed, you will know the condition of the underlying structure and any necessary repairs or renewals can be carried out before installing a new roof covering. You can then be sure that the roof is as good as new and will remain in good condition for a considerable time.

The stated average cost of renewal, of £5,000-8,000, will depend on several factors that include the materials used plus installation cost (natural slate or clay tiles £95-120 per square metre, concrete tiles £80-110, rubber £80-100, metal £50-70). The differences in cost result from the price of the materials and the fact that some are easier to install than others. Additional costs may then include the erection of scaffolding, skips to remove debris (typically £220 each) and repair or renewal of the roof structure.

The cost will also be affected by the type and style of the roof plus difficulties in accessing it. Hiring a roofer separately will generally cost £25-35 per hour or £200-280 a day.

Ensuring a Proper Job

Whatever you pay for a roof installation, treat it as an investment that will repay you by years of reliable use. Roofing an average three-bedroom house will take around 3-4 days, or longer if rafters and guttering need to be installed.

Because of the size and importance of the job, you need to ensure it’s done properly and cost-effectively. So always obtain three or four quotes and compare what is being offered as well as the price. A good job is more important than a cheap one.

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