Leaking Roof — What To Do If You Think Your Roof Is Leaking

Leaking Roof — What To Do If You Think Your Roof Is Leaking

What To Do If You Think Your Roof Is Leaking

Roof leaks can cause significant damage over a period. Even small holes can result in a water build-up that will eventually cause larger problems.

Insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by wear and tear, which will often include leaking roofs. It’s vital, therefore, that you fix the problem quickly before it becomes worse and costs a lot more to repair.

Finding and Fixing a Leak

The source of leaks isn’t always obvious because water can travel a long distance before emerging within your property. So, before you search for the source, take action to limit the damage:

  • Place buckets or other containers to catch dripping water so that floors, carpets and furniture aren’t damaged.
  • Ensure that electronics and other items that are particularly susceptible to water damage are moved to a dry area.
  • Move away other belongings to prevent them getting wet.

Once you’ve made the area safe, try to locate the source of the leak. You may need to go up into the roof space to do this. Common causes of roof leaks are:

  • missing or damaged roof tiles or slates
  • holes in the underlay that can let in water or cause tiles to slip
  • blocked gutters that can cause water to overflow
  • flat roofs or valley gutters where water pools and eventually leaks through
  • flashing and roof joints, sometimes around skylights and chimneys, that have been damaged by frost so that water leaks in
  • damaged soffits and fascias that allow water into the roof’s wooden framework.

Once you establish the source of the leak, a short-term patch using roofing cement or tarpaulin can be applied until you get professional help for a permanent solution. If you have home emergency cover, this can be used for urgent repairs. But contact a licensed roofing contractor to inspect and repair the leak as soon as possible because roofing issues can worsen quickly and need to be addressed without delay.

Preventing Future Leaks

You can’t take risks with your roof so temporary patches shouldn’t be relied on for long. Give us a call and we’ll check the state of your roof, look for weaknesses and other problems, then provide a solution that will last.

Once the immediate problem is fixed, it’s crucial that you ensure it does not reoccur. You can take preventative action by:

  • keeping gutters clear of debris so they don’t overflow
  • cutting back trees that are near your property so that falling leaves and other debris don’t cause blockages
  • inspecting your roof regularly, particularly after a storm
  • paying particular attention to your roof as winter approaches and the weather worsens.

We appreciate that you may not want to climb ladders or go into your roof space, and that you may not have the necessary experience to recognise problems. So we can do a lot of the work for you to ensure your roof remains free from leaks.

At H Roofing Solutions, we are central Scotland’s most trusted roofer for repairs and installations. We’re available 24/7 to fix your damaged roof ASAP, we back all new roof installations with a leading 20-year warranty, and you won’t pay until the job is done. In fact, you won’t pay for labour AT ALL if you don’t love our work. Why take chances, when you can protect your family with a roof that’s guaranteed to last?

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